I need my taxes done.

About Us

VITA is a free program for anyone in the Lincoln community. We generally serve individuals and families with income under $54,000 as well as disabled or elderly individuals who need assistance completing their taxes. This includes both resident and non-resident individuals, with appointments generally taking around an hour.

VITA Services

  • Can:

    • Serve both resident and non-resident individuals

    • Amend your old returns

    • Complete past year returns that haven’t been filed yet

    • File for a personal ITIN number

  • Can Not:

    • Complete returns that include company loss, a nondeductible IRA, a minor’s investment income, or premium tax credits

    • File requests for a Social Security Number

    • Complete a form to determine a worker’s status for income tax purpose

To make an appointment: Call 402-472-6150 to get your 2016 tax return completed.


  • What should I bring when I get my return done?
    • Please bring a photo ID, your social security card or ITIN letter, and all government documents, including W-2’s, 1099’s, and 1098’s if you’re in school (this is not an exhaustive list of forms!).
  • How long will my tax return take?
    • It will take us about an hour to complete your tax return, and if we’re busy it can be a wait to get in with a preparer, so you should allow a few hours of your day for the return.
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
    • Yes, you do need to make an appointment! You can schedule a time by calling the number attached to the site you would like to visit.
  • When can I get my return done?
    • We start preparing tax returns in late January, and continue past the tax deadline, so you can schedule an appointment as soon as you have all the documents needed.
  • How long after I file my return can I expect to receive my refund?
    • If we file electronically, it should only take a few weeks. A paper return may take up to 8 weeks before your refund is issued. These times may be longer when the IRS is busier than usual.


  • Nebraska East Union
    • 35th and Holdrege
    • 402-472-6150
  • Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center
    • 1505 ‘S’ Street
    • 402-472-6150
  • Anderson Library
    • 3635 Touzalin Ave
    • 402-441-8500
  • Eiseley Library
    • 1530 Superior St
    • 402-441-8500
  • Bennett Martin Library
    • 14th and ‘N’ St
    • 402-441-8500
  • Center for People in Need
    • 3901 N 27th, Unit 1
  • Asian Community and Cultural Center
    • 144 North 44 Suite A
    • 402-477-3446
  • Good Neighbor Center
    • 2617 ‘Y’ St
  • Indian Center
    • 1100 Military Road
    • 402-438-5231 Ext 105

Tax Schedule

To make an appointment for the 2016 Tax Year, please call 402-472-6150. Tax returns are typically completed on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the rest of the year. The 2017 Tax Year schedule is not yet posted.